Christopher Rust

Christopher Rust is a composer, choral conductor, educator, music theory nerd, musical director, playwright, father and extremely amateur kayaker! With a Bachelor of Music Composition from Arizona State University and a Master of Education from Lewis and Clark College, Christopher has been busy these past few twenty years working to understand that perfect intersection of creative composer, educator and curious human being.  Christopher’s choral music is currently published through Pavane Publishing, Hal Leonard and self-published. Because of his extensive work with young voices, Christopher’s works are natural fits for junior high and high school choirs. He understands that balance between writing creative and emotional music and writing appropriately emerging voices. As a playwright, Christopher has written twelve children’s musicals, including adaptations of: The Odyssey, Cinderella, The Headless Horseman and Are You My Mother? His natural ability to write catchy melodies, paired with his oh-so-slightly cynical lyrics, make his shows entertaining to both children and adults alike. Beneath the cute costumes and catchy ditties, Christopher’s stories explore the depths of human suffering and loss as well as hope and redemption. When not composing, directing or banging his head against the wall trying to help 9th graders understand the circle of fifths, Christopher enjoys being outdoors. Kayaking, softball, snow skiing, hiking, SUP and Frisbee golf are all welcomed respites to the daily grind of a musician. Christopher feels lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest where the world’s natural beauty sometimes outshines humanity’s destructive impulse.

titles by Christopher rust