Edward Thompson

Edward Thompson has studied with some prominent composers: Steven Sametz, Richard Danielpour, Jeffrey Parola, Dale Trumbore, and Vincent Peterson. 

Thompson has worked with many different genres such as, choir, piano, brass quintet, cello, symphony orchestra, carillon, and vocal solos. While most of his output has been the result of commissions, sometimes he writes because of inner convictions about a given topic. 

One of his favorite genres is that of vocal music, choral or solo, because it presents him with the opportunity to create sounds that cause the listener to hear the words in a different way. To bring out a different aspect or perspective is a responsibility of any good artist.  

Albert Einstein once said that "Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”  And so it is with the world of composition.  The composer can bring one into any emotional state within a few seconds.  It is a thrill to exercise the creative muscle. 

Some of the titles of his pieces exemplify this idea: I Am That I am a Sailor (choir, soloists and orchestra); Step into the Night (choir, soloists, jazz quartet); Blessed Be You A Matter (choir), Songs of Healing (soprano and piano); The Encounter (choir, soloists, string quartet, dancer); Guest House (choir)